Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for Next Google PR (PageRank) Update ............?

 Are you one of those webmasters who are eagerly waiting for the next Google PR (PageRank) update? You must read this article before you go here and there to find the possible time of next pr update. I am writing not to say the next pr update time but to say how Google pr update is important and how you are wasting your precious time in waiting and worrying for the next update.
To explain my words easily, let us discuss requirement and the whole online business process step by step. What we actually need from our website is business. Right? It may be in many forms like number of visitors per day, number of sells made per visit, amount of AdSense and similar advertising revenue earning earned per visit, etc. The type of business varies from webmaster to webmaster but the concept is the same. We all want business from our website.
Why we do SEO and worry about the results? Simple, we do SEO to fight the competition and increase our online business day by day and we worry for the results because we want to know if we are going in wrong direction or not.
What may be or must be the results from our hard work in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Again the answer is business and more business each day as compared to previous day. This may be traced directly from the website traffic analysis that from where you are getting business and which of your different SEO tactics performed well. So where is the Google PR (PageRank) in this whole internet business process? No where.
According to Google, PageRank describes only the quality of the link based on the number of backlinks. It does mean the popularity or your link amongst the other pages, it does not mean more business, traffic or popularity amongst the search engines. It is already confirmed by the Google webmaster central forum's top contributors and Google employees that as a webmaster you must concentrate on other important elements as compared to PR. PR is the only one of the more than 200 algorithm parameters used to index and process your links and website.
If you are engaged with selling SEO Services like good PR backlinks, link exchange, link building business, link farm etc, then and only then your prime concentrate should be pr, how ever this kind of business is marked as unethical and against the Google's webmaster guidelines.

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