Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Link Building what is it?

Link building

What is link building?
Link Building is to gain relevant links to other sites which link to your site.
This is essential for your findability in Google!

Good link building helps your website to rank high on keywords.
Your customers type in keywords on search engines, and thus your (business)
or organization of interest. This allows more visitors to your website.

What can I achieve with Link Building?
The purpose of a link building campaign is to use the the links on other relevant websites, to attract more visitors and – indirectly- improve your visibility in Google. Link Building actually provides more links, more visitors and more sales.

Your website will be submitted to relevant sites, directories and we will look for possible relevant entries in business directories and portals within your industry.

Afterd a competititor analysis, we will place links on relevant websites where one or more of your competitors are located.

For which companies is Link Building suitable?

Link Building is suitable for any website.
Link Building Specialist is your partner for all parties who seriously want to start a online business campaign or for sites who want more links, more visitors and more business.
Of course also for websites that just want to have a more intensive Link Building Campaign in order to get higher search engine results.


So you want more trafic to your website, then you should use SEO (search engine optimization) and get the Link Building Specialist as your Link Building Agency. This will get you more links and more traffic to your website.

Costs of Link Building?

Before we start with a link building campaign, the link building hours needed to achieve top rankings in Google are estimated. This can vary per site and sector, and also depends on how hard your competitors are link building.
But if you want more traffic to your website, you can not escape Link Building.

You can have the Link Building Specialist act as your link building agency from only 350 euros per month.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Google Pagerank Explained

PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page's importance from the votes cast for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page's PageRank is calculated.
PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

From here on in, we'll occasionally refer to PageRank as "PR".

Not all links are counted by Google. For instance, they filter out links from known link farms. Some links can cause a site to be penalized by Google. They rightly figure that webmasters cannot control which sites link to their sites, but they can control which sites they link out to. For this reason, links into a site cannot harm the site, but links from a site can be harmful if they link to penalized sites. So be careful which sites you link to. If a site has PR0, it is usually a penalty, and it would be unwise to link to it.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Search Engine Optimization Analysis and Web Page Optimization

Most articles on SEO tell you the purpose and advantages of having an optimized web page or tell you about how to make you web page SEO friendly. What they fail to tell you is that a lot of analysis needs to go into the actual optimization effort before the actual optimization can begin.
Let us see, one step at a time, how you can get the most out of your optimization efforts, by planning and analysing your needs correctly.
So first off, lets begin with why. Why do you need to analyse and plan your efforts before you actually start optimizing your webpage. Well the efficacy of your optimization efforts depends a lot on several factors. Therefore, before you start with optimizing your webpages, you need to ask yourself :
- Do I have the right keywords?
- Do I understand my competition?
- What makes my competitors, well... my competitors? What do they have that is working for them?
- Is my content relevant? Both in terms of keyword prominence and density
- Whay is my linking strategy
Before you go off rattling away your answers, Wait! (:D). Give it some more thought consider each of these factors in depth.
  • The right keyword: It becomes very important to choose the correct keywords or key phrases for your SEO campaign, for it could mean the success or failure of your entire campaign, and it might be a huge wasted effort by the time you realize it's not working for you. Things like business vertical you are in, the region you are based out of, your potential customer base, the monthly search rate of the keywords or key phrases and the existing and potential competitors for the same keywords or key phrases are some of the most important factors in choosing the right word or phrase for your campaign. Having optimal number of words or phrases becomes critical, this helps in two ways one is it allows you to put in a concentrated effort and the other is if one of your keyword or phrase takes a hit at a later stage the other choices will still help you sustain your campaign.
  • A Competitor Analysis: 'Know your competitor', jumping straight into a SEO campaign without a proper competitor analysis is the most unwise thing to do. Knowing competitors to the keywords or phrases you have chosen, is a key factor in determining weather you have the budget to pursue your top ranked competitors, weather you have the time and expertise to knock your competitor off the leader board and continue to hold that position against him, so as to make a substantial impact to your business growth. Based on this analysis you could refine your keywords or phrases, the search engine you want to target, weather you have to make it more regional initially and gain a commendable position helping you to further your campaign from there on.
  • What do your competitors have that is working for them: 'How did they mange it?', once you have settled on all the above mentioned factors you need to analyze your set of competitors further. You need to determine, to what ever possible extent 'ethically', as to how they managed to reach that position, so that you can take a cue from them and then determine; what are the additional techniques you can employ to edge them out. This makes the SEO campaign so much more effective and concentrated, rather than mindlessly trying to get to the top spot.
  • Content relevance in terms of keyword prominence and density: The most common technique people go for when it comes to density of keywords and phrases is deliberately stuff their pages with the keywords and phrases, well let me remind you that search engines 'hate this', and in some extreme cases your page might even get banned for keyword stuffing. However, appropriate percentage of keyword density and matching, streamlined content relevant to the subject is always given more credit by the search engines and will always help you in the long term. Analyze the keywords and content before hand so that it helps you in the long run, see how your competitors have used the keywords and how it fits your bill. Analyze how they have used the keywords and phrases in naming their images, putting up alternate text for images and links. Plan your naming conventions well in advance, before you reach a point of no return.
  • Linking Strategy: 'Where and Why': Link building is one of the most prominent aspects of SEO campaign, at the same time creating meaningless links will not help. Analyzing the link building process before hand becomes very critical. Some of the factors that need to be considered before link building are the relevance of the content on the link page and the site page where you intend to put the link up, the page ranking of the site where you are putting up the link, among others. Also keep a close watch on where all your competitors are putting up their respective links and try to top that.
So go on, do the grunt work and get yourself the answers. Once you have them, I can assure you, you are now much closer to your no 1 spot on the search results.
Happy Search Engine Optimizing!


Gunjan Mehta

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for Next Google PR (PageRank) Update ............?

 Are you one of those webmasters who are eagerly waiting for the next Google PR (PageRank) update? You must read this article before you go here and there to find the possible time of next pr update. I am writing not to say the next pr update time but to say how Google pr update is important and how you are wasting your precious time in waiting and worrying for the next update.
To explain my words easily, let us discuss requirement and the whole online business process step by step. What we actually need from our website is business. Right? It may be in many forms like number of visitors per day, number of sells made per visit, amount of AdSense and similar advertising revenue earning earned per visit, etc. The type of business varies from webmaster to webmaster but the concept is the same. We all want business from our website.
Why we do SEO and worry about the results? Simple, we do SEO to fight the competition and increase our online business day by day and we worry for the results because we want to know if we are going in wrong direction or not.
What may be or must be the results from our hard work in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Again the answer is business and more business each day as compared to previous day. This may be traced directly from the website traffic analysis that from where you are getting business and which of your different SEO tactics performed well. So where is the Google PR (PageRank) in this whole internet business process? No where.
According to Google, PageRank describes only the quality of the link based on the number of backlinks. It does mean the popularity or your link amongst the other pages, it does not mean more business, traffic or popularity amongst the search engines. It is already confirmed by the Google webmaster central forum's top contributors and Google employees that as a webmaster you must concentrate on other important elements as compared to PR. PR is the only one of the more than 200 algorithm parameters used to index and process your links and website.
If you are engaged with selling SEO Services like good PR backlinks, link exchange, link building business, link farm etc, then and only then your prime concentrate should be pr, how ever this kind of business is marked as unethical and against the Google's webmaster guidelines.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blackhat Search Engine Optimization

The business of using blackhat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to impregnate legitimate sites has become a huge money-spinner for cybercriminals. Every day scores of new malicious campaigns are discovered taking advantage of the hottest news stories on the internet to spread malware; many of them profiting from high profile deaths and disasters.

With this significant problem in mind, Sophos has published a paper analyzing how attackers have created automated kits that use blackhat SEO methods – cynically exploiting tragic and salacious breaking news stories – to subvert legitimate websites for personal gain.

In the past the deaths of celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Boyzone's Stephen Gately and Natasha Richardson, and the marital problems of Sandra Bullock have all provided rich attractive content for hackers trying to take advantage of trending news stories.

Just this week, after two suicide bombs exploded on the Moscow Metro, resulting in 39 confirmed deaths, Sophos warned that this is exactly the kind of incident that will mobilize blackhat SEO and malware gangs.

"When terrible tragedies such as this take place we all rush to the web to find out more and the cynical SEO hackers know this," commented Sophos’ principal virus researcher Fraser Howard. "After the death of Sea World animal trainer by a killer whale, sick hackers automatically used blackhat SEO techniques to stuff booby-trapped web pages with related content. This kind of profiteering is not just distasteful; it's also potentially dangerous to millions of innocent internet users."

Commonly used Blackhat tactics:
  • Fake Anti-Virus: inundates users with fake security alerts in order to trick them into paying for a bogus security product, or installing further malicious code.
  • SEO page: pages stuffed with erroneous keywords, designed to feature highly in search engine results but which misdirect users to rogue sites. Sometimes called SEO poisoned pages.
  • Blackhat SEO kits: the application used to create and manage an SEO attack. Responsible for generating SEO pages for search engine crawlers which poison search results in order to redirect users to rogue sites. Often these kits will be automatically updated with information about the latest hot news stories by consulting resources such as Google Trends.
  • SEO poisoning: the process of tricking search engines into ranking an SEO page high up in the search results. Those results are regarded as "poisoned".
  • Search engine crawler: a web bot or spider, which refers to a computer program that browses the web in a structured fashion, in order to index pages and collect data that can be readily searched.
At the centre of any blackhat SEO attack is the need to feed content to search engine crawlers (for them to add to their search results), while at the same time redirecting users who land on the webpage to a malicious site. Most blackhat SEO kits can tell the difference between a search engine visiting their site to crawl for content, a user visiting the site via a search engine link, and a curious party visiting the site directly.

Prevention and Protection

Whilst the growth in the use of blackhat SEO tactics is a growing problem, IT and network managers can take a number of rudimentary steps to protect themselves.

As with many other web-based attacks, URL filtering and content inspections often provide the most effective protection against SEO attacks. Monitoring any currently active SEO attacks enables collection of the redirection URLs involved, which can then be appropriately blacklisted.

Howard concludes: "Malware distribution through SEO may sound hard to block because of the apparent authenticity of the SEO web pages but there are some effective measures that companies can take to protect themselves. By adding detection for the payload, as well as diligent monitoring and filtering in-bound content, network managers can thwart an attack before it reaches the user. Providing detection for all relevant components provides the most effective protection."

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Google Page Rank Algorithm

Google is so popular and successful search engine and Google page rank algorithm is the very important of search engine optimization results. Page rank algorithm is indicated on a scale of 1-10. and the value of each individual page is denoted by the Google Page Rank algorithm. How do we get the best results and good position in search engine within the Google Rank algorithm. ?

A final note, though. While the workings of the Google page rank algorithm are automated and non-human, there is a human element. One of the best ways to optimize a website and have a good chance at decent ranking is to consistently serve up top-shelf content, with relevant keywords in the body, headings and titles of every page. This practice attracts reputable natural back links that elevate your chances of not being lost in the sea of Web pages.

As far as search engines go, Google is so unbelievably successful and popular, it’s becoming the generic name for them – much like Band-Aid, Kleenex and Frisbee. Even my 74-year-old mother says she’s going to “Google” something. Many people would say Google is the best of the best and returns the most spot-on results no matter what you’re looking for. And it does this in mere seconds with the world’s most talked about process – its very own Google search algorithm.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Google Page Rank Algorithm

Page Rank is named after Larry Page. Page Rank is a rank given to each and every page across the world depending upon the number of back links to that particular page.

We cannot say that all the pages do get a page rank according to this formula. Just for purpose the formula used to calculate PR is

Page Rank Formula

1 PR1 = 101 PR0

1 PR2 = 555 PR0 = 101 PR1

1 PR3 = 3,000 PR0 = 555 PR1 = 101 PR2

1 PR4 = 17,000 PR0 = 3,000 PR1 = 555 PR2 = 101 PR3

1 PR5 = 93,000 PR0 = 17,000 PR1 = 3,000 PR2 = 555 PR3 = 101 PR4

1 PR6 = 508,000 PR0 = 93,000 PR1 = 17,000 PR2 = 3,000 PR3 = 555 PR4 = 101 PR5

1 PR7 = 2,878,666 PR0 = 508,000 PR1 = 93,000 PR2 = 17,000 PR3 = 3,000 PR4 = 555 PR5 = 101 PR6

1 PR8 = 15,818,412 PR0 = 2,878,666 PR1 = 508,000 PR2 = 93,000 PR3 = 17,000 PR4 = 3,000 PR5 = 555 PR6 = 101 PR7

1 PR9 = 85,504,929 PR0 = 15,818,412 PR1 = 2,878,666 PR2 = 508,000 PR3 = 93,000 PR4 = 17,000 PR5 = 3,000 PR6 = 555 PR7 = 101 PR8

1 PR10 = 462,188,805 PR0 = 85,504,929 PR1 = 15,818,412 PR2 = 2,878,666 PR3 = 508,000 PR4 = 93,000 PR5 = 19,000 PR6 3,000 PR7 = 555 PR8 = 101 PR9

Wee cannot say that all pages having a PR3 link is a PR1. Google update the page rank of all the pages only a few times in an year. When we see SERP, PR is given very less importance. There are several factors are considered before ranking a page such as relevancy of linking page.

Many people might think that search rankings are done based on only Page Rank. But that is not true. Actually, the ranking is done based on various criteria and PR is also one of the metric that Google considers among many metrics. And as per our researches, the % of importance given to page rank as a metric is reducing in each update of Google.

When the PR of any page is higher, then the value will be very high. As mentioned above but not directly affect the rankings. So give little importance to page rank and do not consider it as the only metric.

Article will be updated as per the latest update।