Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Link Popularity - 6 Highly Effective Steps to Attract More Inbound Links

The value of inbound links could be determined from the fact that their presence is a crucial factor in increasing your site's page rank along with increasing the search engine ranking. It is recommended not only by Google but all the top inbound marketing consultants as well. Your link popularity could be enhanced in a very short time by increasing your inbound links relevant to the quality and quantity. But a question might pop up in your mind of how to attract these links? Creating links with effectiveness should be the basis of your online strategic campaign in order to increase the popularity of your link.

Here are some simple methods recommended for creating the links:

1. Free list of tips: Who would not opt for a free list for guidance or knowledge? Sharing ideas for free is now being restricted somehow with subscription which becomes a turn off for readers. So introducing free ideas or list of anything on your website can help you bring in more inbound links and develop relationships as well. The networking sites would become an intermediary for referring your website to people which will help in building more inbound links.

2. Optimized press releases: Building links within press release by listing your site URL in the reference block at the end is gaining popularity due to the large traffic which could result and attract inbound links from news portals. All you need to do is write highly optimized and targeted press releases in a very effective way to make them acceptable by the news portals.

3. Directory submissions: Submitting your page on the free directories provides another best solution for attracting more inbound links. While making submissions, you should always keep in mind that you must prefer quality over quantity. As many quality links as possible should be your target to increase your page ranking within the directories. Look up for all the directories that are relevant in your business and then submit your site.

4. Discussion participation: Look out for the forums which are related to your niche. Participate on these forum discussions before promoting your business by posting links within your comments. This will increase the link popularity of your site from another inbound link each time you do this.

5. Give Freebies: Freebies are desired by every Internet user. Offer free CD's, e-books, whitepapers, research papers, webinars etc. This will increase site visitation, which also lends to the increasing of your link on the major search engines.

6. Customer links: The natural inbound links could be developed on your website through customer websites. If you have a business of designing websites, you could ask your customers to mention your site URL on their website. This will bring in more inbound links.

These are the simplest strategies to generate increased traffic to your website and link popularity by increasing the number of quality inbound links. Adopting them is easy and free of cost which is why they are being preferred by most inbound marketing consultants. Also, consider contacting an experienced inbound marketing consultant to assist you with implementing these strategies. You can request a complimentary site analysis to help you improve performance and site visibility.


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