Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google Page Rank Yearly Information for 2010

As anyone in the SEO business will tell you, those who swear by Google will pay significant attention to its Page Ranking information. Undoubtedly, Google has still one of the biggest and most respected search engines on the Web, and few can doubt the power of its database. Google is often the first page to be targeted by most web designers, web developers and search engine optimizers when they plan or design a website, and invariably the meta tags or meta description and links or other elements will be planned so as to get the best ranking out of this ubiquitous web browser that is respected all across the world in many languages.

The ranking of your web page on Google Page Rank is often an indication of its popularity. The work of the search engine optimizers is also to be appreciated in this regard, as they are often called to task if the ranking is not reflecting a client’s desires. Of course all this is easier said than done. No one but Google knows its formula for ranking pages, and its criteria are changing from time to time. Today cross referencing from different websites and blog sites seems to be the most favored idea to get a higher ranking. The choice of keywords and presentation and content of your website are nevertheless all important factors that can never be overlooked.

This year Google has given the SEO world a nice New Year’s Eve present in the shape of the annual page rank update. Google appears to be making this a yearly feature, as it also made a toolbar page rank update on Dec 31, 2008.

In fact the release of rankings at this time is very opportune, as many site owners look at this aspect in preparation for their New Year 2010.

We take this opportunity to wish both our clients and our competitors a very Happy New Year, and pray that may all our sites’ Page Ranks reach new heights in 2010. Do check out your site’s page rank now and see if it got shored up. We got a PR of 4 on our website as well as for one of our client’s website What about you?


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