Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Link building tips for high Google rankings

Quality inbound links are extremely important for ranking high in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Link popularity acts as a catalyst to the on-page optimization efforts. Building good quality backlinks is a time consuming exercise. That is why SEO companies charge a heavy fee to carry out link building tasks for you.

Many website owners make the mistake of buying high pagerank links from irrelevant sites. There are many companies selling linking services that are 100% worthless. Again building links exclusively or mostly from high PageRank sites may flag your site for artificially trying to boost your PageRank. For long term benefit and security, the sites you select for inbound links should be from an on-topic neighborhood, and have aged domains. There are four good methods for obtaining quality relevant links.

1. Find websites that may be relevant to your website and approach the webmaster of these sites for a link exchange. There are some link building tools which automate this task by sending spam mails to webmasters. I’d not recommend such tools, but if you really want to use such software, please make sure that your request in email sounds sincere. Link building is a legitimate marketing strategy and therefore it is worth the time to approach the webmasters in an ethical manner.

2. The second link building strategy is also simple yet powerful. Here you submit articles to free article directories/content sites and to be included in other sites’ ezines. The articles should have a link to your website. These directories will post your articles on their websites and also offer your article to other webmasters for reprinting on their sites and newsletters. You can also submit your website to directories in appropriate categories for getting valuable relevant backlinks.

3. The third strategy has been around for a long time since the internet started. It is to post in forums and news groups. In these forums you can interact with many people building knowledge and also have fun.  The backlinks from such forums are vital since they do not have ‘nofollow’ flag usually found in blog comments. The search engines love forum post links and it is an easy way to get your site spidered on a regular basis.

4. The fourth strategy is competitive intelligence. It involves studying the keywords, links and sites that are sending traffic to your competitor’s website. Competitive intelligence will surely supercharge your link building campaign. Link building using competitive intelligence should be considered an integral part of your ongoing marketing effort.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Link Popularity - 6 Highly Effective Steps to Attract More Inbound Links

The value of inbound links could be determined from the fact that their presence is a crucial factor in increasing your site's page rank along with increasing the search engine ranking. It is recommended not only by Google but all the top inbound marketing consultants as well. Your link popularity could be enhanced in a very short time by increasing your inbound links relevant to the quality and quantity. But a question might pop up in your mind of how to attract these links? Creating links with effectiveness should be the basis of your online strategic campaign in order to increase the popularity of your link.

Here are some simple methods recommended for creating the links:

1. Free list of tips: Who would not opt for a free list for guidance or knowledge? Sharing ideas for free is now being restricted somehow with subscription which becomes a turn off for readers. So introducing free ideas or list of anything on your website can help you bring in more inbound links and develop relationships as well. The networking sites would become an intermediary for referring your website to people which will help in building more inbound links.

2. Optimized press releases: Building links within press release by listing your site URL in the reference block at the end is gaining popularity due to the large traffic which could result and attract inbound links from news portals. All you need to do is write highly optimized and targeted press releases in a very effective way to make them acceptable by the news portals.

3. Directory submissions: Submitting your page on the free directories provides another best solution for attracting more inbound links. While making submissions, you should always keep in mind that you must prefer quality over quantity. As many quality links as possible should be your target to increase your page ranking within the directories. Look up for all the directories that are relevant in your business and then submit your site.

4. Discussion participation: Look out for the forums which are related to your niche. Participate on these forum discussions before promoting your business by posting links within your comments. This will increase the link popularity of your site from another inbound link each time you do this.

5. Give Freebies: Freebies are desired by every Internet user. Offer free CD's, e-books, whitepapers, research papers, webinars etc. This will increase site visitation, which also lends to the increasing of your link on the major search engines.

6. Customer links: The natural inbound links could be developed on your website through customer websites. If you have a business of designing websites, you could ask your customers to mention your site URL on their website. This will bring in more inbound links.

These are the simplest strategies to generate increased traffic to your website and link popularity by increasing the number of quality inbound links. Adopting them is easy and free of cost which is why they are being preferred by most inbound marketing consultants. Also, consider contacting an experienced inbound marketing consultant to assist you with implementing these strategies. You can request a complimentary site analysis to help you improve performance and site visibility.

My Tips to Increase Your Back Links

Article Submission - By writing quality and informative articles, you can use these as a great method of getting links back to your site. All of the top article submission sites, like EzineArticles and Article Base, allow you to have a link back to your site when posting a new article. If your articles then get picked up and republished, the new publisher must also include your link, so if you write something really useful and it gets syndicated, not only will this lead to more traffic but also too many more links all pointing back at your site.

Press Releases - Many of the paid and free press release sites allow you to have at least one link back to your site within the press release. This allows you to get your link on the main site, but also then onto any other site that picks and publishes the press release, giving you the chance to spread many links around the internet via releasing just one quality and informative press release.

Blogging - Everyone loves to blog and everyone loves to read informative, controversial or slightly wacky blog posts. When you write a blog post, make sure you link some of the keywords back to your website and make sure you let everyone know that you wrote it, again, using this as a method to link back to your website.

Blog Comments - Most blogs and blog writers want feedback and comments about what they have written, as this is the kind of interactivity of blogs and the way they are meant to be used. The majority of blogs will let you comment and have a link back to your site, just make sure your comments make sense and you are not just leaving a comment for the link back, it has to be worthwhile or will be nothing more than spam.

Reciprocal Linking - Swapping links with sites similar or in the same niche as yours is still a fair way of getting links back. By no means is it effective as it was many years ago, but it can still help to get decent links back to your site, just make sure you limit how many times you do this as you do not want to many links pointing out from your site and also choose wisely who you approach to swap links with.

One Way Directory Submissions - Directory submissions are still one of the most cost effective ways of getting links back to your site. When doing this, make sure that you vary your anchor text, only submit the most relevant category and try to pick directories that have been established for some time and are totally free of spammy or questionable content.

Social Bookmarking - Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Furl and Twitter allow you to have links back to your site. Although some of these will not help with your page rank as they are often nofollow links, they can help with traffic, indexing and will all contribute to the level of links you have pointing back to your site.

Reviews - If a website is selling a product, they often give purchasers and users and chance to leave feedback and reviews on the product concerned. As long as you are writing honest and thoughtful reviews, many of these sites will have no problem allowing you to have a link to your site in them. This can be quite difficult to get just right, but if you do you could end up having some real quality links from product sales websites, in your own industry or niche.

Forum Posting - No matter what your website is about, there will be forums and message boards relating to it on the internet. This gives you a great opportunity to start joining in on relevant discussions and profiling your company or website on these public speaking boards. Just make sure you do actually contribute and not just join to promote, as you will soon be removed and the regular posters will consider your company or website to be nothing more than spam.

Indian Link Building Service

I talk to a whole lot of individuals each week about link building and Search engine optimization stuff in general. I am no expert by any means, nor do I claim to be. But I do have various websites with what would be considered "hard" keywords on page 1 of Google, and far more that have a lot of terms in the best 30. I notice most folks looking for that "exact" point to accomplish in order to rank. They look for that perfect tool, best technique they can use or copy. The truth is there's no such factor. Most people just submit articles to an article directory and leave it at that.

The real crucial to acquiring ranked is time and diversification. That's it. You cannot expect to start a internet site today, and 5 days from now you're within the leading 10 of Google (nicely prime 10 and really stay there...). You must research the competition to the keyword - how long has the web site been around, how several links do they have, how are they ranked on the different search engines, how could be the Search engine optimization in the page etc. I like to use what most think about the best Search engine optimization tool for this - Market Samurai. It saves a great deal of time, but you are able to get the details other means which are totally free as well. Just use ol' Google to allow you to out in discovering different totally free tools.

All this information gives you a heads up on how difficult the competition is. If they are ranked from the best 10, you'll need to beat one of them out to have your location. And you need to keep in mind, most of them are working to keep their place or move up. So what do you do? Effortless. Make a plan, stick to the plan. You needs to be doing write-up submission with your primary keyword and slight variations in the keyword (for instance, plurals) each day. It does support to get an article drip system to allow you to schedule document postings. This is software wherever you possibly can load some articles in and it will then publish them for you above time. You should be using social bookmarking, for instance delicious and others. You can find effortlessly more than 100 of these sorts of internet sites exactly where you'll be able to bookmark your pages. You need to make various blogs devoted in your keyword, complete with content. You should have many Squidoo pages, Hub Pages, Ning also all with articles and details about your keyword, all linking in your web page. You should use stuff like Yahoo answers, discovering questions related for your keyword. You need to be commenting on forums with your site in your signature. You needs to be making video submissions of some kind or one more, again, with links to your website. There are far more techniques obviously, but its not essential to list all of them here - that is a pretty great list.

Which of these do you use? All of them. Diversification could be the important. Concentrating on just 1 procedure will not operate. It can be not natural searching and while it may function eventually, it can be way harder to maintain (meaning an individual can knock you off simpler). After all, if you're gonna go to all the work to acquire ranked inside the prime 10, you don't desire to lose it. Plus, it really is a lot of work posting articles to a niche article directory to acquire the ranking to begin with.

Also ensure that you alternate the URL to links inside your web site, do not just use the prime page only when posting to an article directory. You'll get ranked faster should you put about 60-70% on the links to inner pages rather than the best page. The other critical is do it more than time. Most web sites from the major 10 you can see are at least 6 months old, most are properly around a year or far more old. They have most likely been working more than time to build the web site up. So you can require to complete the same.

I love writing niche articles and posting them for everyone to read.